If you want, you can change industrial building to the residential space

Let’s imagine this situation: we can buy an old, huge industrial building at a very good price. We do not need a building for some manufacturing purposes, but we think about our own place to live – a home or a flat. The best idea in this situation may be use the services like this – loft conversion cardiff.

What is a loft?

We can find a few definition of a „loft” word. One of them talks about residential space which was converted from a some former industrial building.

The most characteristics features of loft apartments are:

  • very high ceiling heights

  • access for a very large space

  • arrangement in a modern style (bright colours, using a metal decorations).

Who should think about loft?

Convertion from industrials buildings to the residential spaces is a good solution for people:

  • who are looking for modern ideas to the living,

  • who are not afraid of innovative architectual and arrangement solutions,

  • who want to live in place which has some exciting history.