Electronic door lock – a good solution to the single family house?

This type of door locks is becoming increasingly popular. More and more is being said about its advantages and increasingly such locks are installed. By far the most common electronic locks are installed in public buildings. We can spot them in the stores, as well as in large office buildings. So far, they are still rare even in ordinary residential buildings. Why?

Extra security for you

This solution has many advantages, but also disadvantages.

1. Electronic door lock must have a connection to a power source or must have a good, durable battery. An electronic mechanism always must have power supply in contrast to conventional locks, to which such power not be necessary. Connecting such power sources need to be planned much earlier, it is the best if we have such an opportunity is at the stage of building a house.

2. In case of failure it is easy to repair or replace mechanical lock, in the case of electronic locks matter can be much more complicated.

3. Electronic locks, however, allow to obtain a very high level of security in the building, can also be connected to the mobile application and can be controlled remotely. The main question is whether so much depends on us at such a high level of security, because the price of such a lock may be higher compared to the mechanical lock.