Construction of terrace with wood- step by Step

The construction of the terrace is a challenge for many people. You can make this on your own but also a good option is to ask the experts from the

– The first thing to think about is the appearance of the entire structure.

– No building can not be created without a solid plan and the same situation we have got with construction of the terrace.

– Wood that you use to build the terrace must be carefully selected, well suited to the external weather conditions.

The substrate under the wooden terrace

Frequently when we are looking at the terrace we see only the whole structure and we do not pay attention of the surface. Only few people look at the ground. However, when you are planning your own terrace you have to take everything into consideration. Wooden terrace can have many types of substrates, everything depends on our fancy, as well as held by the budget for investment.

Concrete slab

Concrete slab is usually placed on the ground on the terrace. You do not need to make any additional work. Of course, it is worth checking whether the disc was laid evenly and whether a drop to facilitate the draining of rainwater. If it does not exist, we must conduct corrections to the project.

Tiles and paving stones

Tiles and paving stones are also a grateful material, because they are simple to use. If you are dealing with a stable substrate, which does not crumble, not covered with plants you can without bigger problems put on this the joists.

Native soil

The last option when it comes to the ground is native soil. In the case of construction of a terrace on the ground it could take much time and it might require a lot of work.

1. First of all you have to ensure adequate stability of the substrate.

2. It is necessary to dig a hole on the joists.

3. If the soil is little compacted a good is to dig deep enough to find the decks, for example, the dense clay, which will stabilize the foundation.

Activities related to the construction of foundations

After determining the type of substrate on your terrace, you must prepare foundation. You should dig holes and then fill them with sand mixed with concrete in the proportion of three to one. Everything must be firmly leveled. Also important is the height above the ground foundations. It will allow the water to flow and thanks to that it will not accumulate on the terrace.

The proper construction of the terrace

a) When working on the execution of the terrace is necessary to protect the wood from moisture and against lichen and algae. Ideally solution is to use oil primer. Boards that we want to protect, of course, should be cleaned of dirt and dust.

b) Under the terrace you should spread the agro- non-woven fabric. It is primarily designed to protect against overgrowth inside of grass.

c) Blocks should be covered with rubber washers. What is their role? They are separate the concrete from joists.

d) The pads put joists, of course, keeping in mind the proper leveling.

e) On the joists you should put planks that are fastened with screws. You also might try to use stainless steel screws because they are much more durable. At the market you can even buy screws specially designed for decking.