Pipes Leaking: waste that can be avoided

Although it seems only a nuisance without much importance, the leakage of water causes waste and great increase in the value of the accounts. At the slightest sign of leakage, the ideal and hire a professional service, they will pay a visit and analyze the source of the problem. Plumber hampstead, and one of these specialist companies that offer a range of residential services check it here – www.mdsplumbingandgas.co.uk.

Although a dripping tap might not seem to waste a significant amount of water, during the day, each drop adds up to thousands and thousands of others.

Water leakage, although small in our eyes, can be a relatively serious problem, especially if we take into account our pockets and the environment. A small trickle of water (and being wasted) can cause a waste of 144 liters daily, according to water distribution agencies. According to United Nations data, the UN recommends that each person use 110 liters of water a day, including bathing, discharging, washing dishes, brushing teeth, preparing meals, and other necessities. Now add those extra 144 liters a day and see your water bill almost triple.

Another problem is that a small leak can increase if it is not repaired at the beginning, causing much greater damage, which can even compromise the residential structure. Like for example internal leaks in walls or ceiling, they can weaken them, jeopardizing the security of your house.

A tip to detect water leakage and analysis the hydrometer. Close taps and logs. Note the number shown on the hydrometer. Wait two hours, if the number is different it is indication of leaks.