Everything about classes of resistance in case of doors

Doors that are available on the market always should be certified by the Institute for Building Technology for their resistance to breakage and other risks.

Type of resistance class door

According to the classification doors we can be divided into:

a. Standard door, that protect against burglars that use only physical strength to get into the house.

b. The second class is the door for increased strength and this applies to door to protect against burglars with simple tools.

c. Another group are the doors that are hard to forced even with use of especial equipment such as crowbar.

d. Four class of door is a barrier for experienced burglars equipped with advanced tools such as drills, saws and other power tools.

There are also higher classes but it concerns mainly armored doors, which are not used in residential buildings, but only in banks or in offices that store important documents.

What class door to what object?

When deciding to purchase the door to the apartment that is placed in block is enough for us to choose first or second class of resistance. Blocks are usually inhabited by a large number of people, it is difficult in such a situation to use advanced tools to break through the door. People who live in detached houses, outside the larger settlements, should decide on the security doors of resistance class at least at the level of the fourth. If detached house is located in a fairly populated area it will be enough to choose just a third class resistance to the door. Of course there are exceptional situations when users are at home valuable art collections, valuable things or electronic equipment, in such a situation, they opt for the door at five class of resistance and even the six.

Not only the door itself guarantee the safety

As you might guess, even the best doors did not prove to be effective if you follow poor quality lock. What kind of door lock to choose? Locksmith successfully choose the model of lock checking in each class resistance. It is always good to have contact to such specialist.

Certificate of the door

‘Doors should be certified, which means that they have undergone the appropriate tests. It is very important aspect for safety in every building.’

Of course, any kind of the door can be broke through, but very important is the amount of time that is needed to do this and special equipment such as electronic tools. A burglar may cancel the attempt to get to our house if it turns out that this could be risky and takes too much time. Therefore, we should try to get it to go up to discourage burglary. In this case, thief will look for the object with more standard door, the interior of which will be much more readily available. The deterrent the door in this case works perfectly. For that reason it is worth investing in a good and certified external doors in right price.